Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston


6 Normal Ways Relationships Change Over Time

Marriage and friendships in your 40s won't be the same as they were in your 20s.

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Do you touch your partner while you sleep? Here's what it means about your bond...

Boozy Voles Have A Lot To Teach Us About Relationships

What do you have in common with a drunk vole? No, it's not the start of a joke...

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Love Captured: A Stunning Photo Contest

Ten images to change the way you look at love.

5 Simple Tips To Love More And Fight Less

Smart strategies to strengthen your relationship

How Double Dates Make the Heart Grow Fonder

New research says getting to know another couple could provide some serious benefits for your relationship

The Upside Of Being Difficult

Why being a doormat in your relationship won't get you anywhere

5 Weird Signs You're Divorce-Proof

Or the odds are in your favor, anyway