Underwear on a clothesline
5 Yeast Infection Symptoms All Women Should Know
Most women will get at least one vaginal yeast infection in their li…
Sunburned Woman
The 5 Types of Skin Cancer and How to Spot Them

Spotting skin cancer early could save your life.

fka twigs uterine tumors
FKA Twigs on Her Battle With Uterine Fibroids
"A nurse said that the weight and size was like being 6 months pregn…
woman blowing her nose
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Fast

Doctor-recommended meds and natural remedies.

melanoma symptoms — woman giving herself a skin exam
6 Melanoma Symptoms You Should Tell Your Doctor About ASAP

Becoming familiar with the signs can literally save your life.

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lyme disease symptoms — campground with tick sign
What to Know About Lyme Disease, the Tick-Borne Illness That's Spreading Fast

An estimated 300,000 people will fall ill with Lyme this year.

I Love Lucy Stomach Ache
Here's Exactly How to Get Rid of Every Type of Stomach Ache

Whether caused by stress, constipation, or something else, there's a remedy for your tummy troubles.

diet and menopause
These Foods Could Cause You to Start Menopause Early, Study Says

Fish, pasta, and other foods may impact the age you start the change.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer Was Hospitalized for 5 Days With a Common UTI Complication

She thanked “the doctors and the bad ass nurses” who took care of her.

Selena Gomez — symptoms of lupus
12 Subtle Lupus Symptoms That Are Easy To Miss

Sore joints, chest pain, and extreme exhaustion are just a few of the signs.

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Kiley Lane
A Mom Thought She Had the Flu, But Ended Up With a Fatal, Rodent-Borne Illness

Kiley Lane died on April 18 after being infected with hantavirus.

toilet paper roll on pink wall
5 Colon Cancer Symptoms You Should Know—Even if You’re Young

Being able to spot these warning signs could save your life.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
12 Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The sooner you identify the signs and seek help, the better you can manage the condition.

two pregnant women standing next to each other holding bellies
The Post-Pregnancy Body Problem Nobody Talks About

Ab separation can leave you with more than just an annoying pooch.

venus williams
7 Signs Your Dry Eyes Might Actually Be Sjogren’s Syndrome

This autoimmune condition is very common—and often misdiagnosed.

red haired woman
8 Skin Cancer Risk Factors That Might Surprise You

Even if you've never seen the inside of a tanning bed, you may still be at risk.

woman holding cocktail long-term effects of alcohol
Drinking Every Day Puts You at Risk for These 10 Health Conditions

Boozing too hard doesn’t just put you at risk for a car accident.

Symptoms of Autism mom with autistic daughter
12 Autism Symptoms To Bring Up With Your Pediatrician

The sooner a health professional can intervene, the better off your child will be.

How I Told My Boyfriend About My Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

He never imagined this could happen to me.

6 Back Pain Relief Products That Will Finally Ease Your Aches

From heat to massage therapy, these products can help relieving the pain from an aching back.

Woman looking out to sea back of head
"I Had a Stroke at 17 While on Birth Control Pills"

Grace Russell was given just a 20% chance of survival and had to learn to walk and talk again

5 Proven Home Remedies For Gout

These no-meds gout treatments are proven to work.