rocky mountain spotted fever symptoms treatment
What Is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
Rocky Mountain spotted fever rapidly progresses—here are the s…
eating disorders
The 3 Most Common Types of Eating Disorders

Symptoms include fixation on weight, food, and shape.

Herbs in first aid kit
24 First Aid Supplies You Should Always Have

Your checklist should contain more than just bandages and gauze.

What Spots and Flashes in Your Vision Really Mean

It's scary when it happens, but it's probably only temporary.

What is a migraine
Everything to Know About Preventing and Treating Migraines

Many people who get these intense headaches don't even realize what's causing their suffering.

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Toxic Shock Syndrome Linked to Tampons Blamed for Teen's Death

But here's why you shouldn't be freaking out about your own tampon use.

6 Insoles That May Ease Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain

They're designed to relieve heel pressure and provide arch support.

PTSD symptoms
You Could Have PTSD Symptoms and Not Even Know It

It's so much more common than anyone realizes.

Ultra violet engraving portrait of an fashionable young woman suffering a stress headache
How to Get Rid of a Migraine ASAP

Plus, how to prevent a migraine from taking you down in the future.

Woman with a migraine headache
8 Health Risks Linked to Migraines

If you get migraines, your risk for Parkinson's, depression, and other conditions skyrockets.

What is skin cancer
Everything You Need to Know About Preventing Skin Cancer

It affects more people worldwide than all other cancers—COMBINED.

What Are Ketones?

People on the keto diet are obsessed with them.

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what is psoriasis
Everything You Need to Know About Living With Psoriasis

This chronic skin disease can strike any part of your body without warning—but it can be managed.

Concept illustration of Young woman and self improvement
13 Reasons Your Head Won't Stop Throbbing

The good news: Most of these triggers can be avoided.

The invisible man
7 Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms That Are So Subtle, You Might Miss Them

They sometimes sneak into your life in a way that makes them tough to notice.

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A visual representation of the visual aura some people experience before they have a migraine
The Signs Your Intense Headache Is Actually a Migraine

Recognizing the signs you're having a migraine is key to preventing one from striking again.

Could Your Dizziness and Tingling Hands Actually Be Lyme Disease?

Familiarizing yourself with the signs of the insect-transmitted disease might just save your life.

psoriasis symptoms signs
How to Tell if Your Itchy, Painful Rash Is Actually Psoriasis

There are several types of psoriasis, and each one comes with its own unique signs.

Bacterial blood infection
What Is Sepsis? This Life-Threatening Condition Is on the Rise

If you notice any sepsis symptoms, you need to find help immediately.

ashley newman dancer cardiac arrest
I'm a Professional Dancer, but a Common Heart Condition Nearly Killed Me at 32

After collapsing during rehearsal, hands-only CPR saved Ashley Newman's life.

8 Everyday Triggers That Can Spark a Psoriasis Flare

The answer isn't so simple, but experts have theories.

how to do CPR
Think You Know How to Do CPR? You're Probably Wrong

CPR is easier than you think—and there's no mouth-to-mouth required.

woman scratching her elbow
The 5 Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis can take many forms.

jada pinkett smith hair loss alopecia
Jada Pinkett Smith Shows How Heartbreaking Hair Loss Can Be in Emotional Interview

Hair loss in women is taboo, but more common than you might think.