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lyme disease symptoms — campground with tick sign
Every Single Thing You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from Lyme Disease

An estimated 300,000 people will fall ill with Lyme this year.

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This Insane Diet Says You Should Eat Like a Snake to Lose Weight

It involves eating one large meal a day and something called "Snake Juice."

scared woman on bed
How to Get Rid of Roaches in 5 Easy Steps (They're a Huge Health Hazard!)

Experts predict that 2018 will be a bad year for infestations.

Smashed Tomato
This Trendy Diet Bans Grains, Beans—And Even Certain Veggies

Lectins have come under fire for causing inflammation and hurting your gut.

salmon dinner macros diet
Why You Should Count Macros (Not Calories!) If You Want to Lose Weight

Plus, exactly how to track everything so you can reach your goal.

woman holding cocktail long-term effects of alcohol
Drinking Every Day Puts You at Risk for These 10 Health Conditions

Boozing too hard doesn’t just put you at risk for a car accident.

15 Low-Calorie Spring Foods That Will Actually Fill You Up

Candy-sweet strawberries, vibrant green peas, and more. 🍓

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jennifer lopez
What Jennifer Lopez's Diet Guru Taught Me About Losing Weight the Healthy Way

After years of unhealthy yo-yo dieting,Haylie Pomroy helped me drop 9 pounds.

4 Women Reveal How They Untangled Themselves From an Emotional Rock Bottom

The moments that left them feeling hopeless—and exactly what they did to come back to life.

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guacamole tortilla chips
9 Women Who Lost 50+ Pounds Swear By These Healthy Snacks

They're all delicious, filling, and serious craving crushers.